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We are not land agents, we are not land brokers.

We are your LAND AGGREGATORS and we can take care of your land acquisition, documentation, and other needs for land.



  • Large Contiguous Lands
  • With High Irradiance Levels for Solar Lands
  • With Thorough Documentation
  • Single Price
  • Deal Directly with Owner!

Our Business Model

Our unique business model sets us apart from the usual way land is acquired, consolidated, and made contiguous.

At ELSAL, we take on the role of landowners, simplifying the communication process for clients who directly engage with us.

Both in office and in field, our operations are fully paperless and digitalized, making information of our land inventory available on-time and in real time, empowering us to operate swiftly and deliver in record time the land you need, allowing you to save time, effort and resources.

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Our Expertise

We are among the very few who can provide small to large contiguous land. Through our reliable experience and expertise in land acquisition, primarily focused on flat lands required for solar energy companies for small and and big operations.

We are also able to gather land suited for your various requirements, not only for renewable energy, but also for other non-solar needs such as real estate, industrial, commercial, and other purposes.

Presently, we operate in Luzon with seven specialized divisions who are experienced, well-trained, and competent in looking for land, consolidating ownership, making land contiguous and transfer ready. We will expand our operations next year to Visayas and Mindanao.

Our company’s strength is further bolstered by ELSAL’s skilled and hardworking management and support team. We have the experience, expertise, and the efficient field organization to handle all your solar and non-solar land requirements fast and efficiently.

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Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be the preferred provider of land and related ancilliary services, through excellent land acquisition and land banking solutions.

Our mission is to provide effective land acquisition solutions through the use of our knowledge and expertise, powered by dynamic digital innovations and proactive customer relation that will help transform lives of individuals and communities

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Together, let’s sculpt a new paradigm of land possibilities across the Philippines. ELSAL Ventures OPC – where your future takes root, and we build success, side by side.

Talk to us today and let us make acquiring land quick and easy for you.

What is the difficulty in acquiring land?

The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program, more commonly known as CARP, mandated the redistribution of private and public agricultural lands to help farmer beneficiaries survive as small independent farmers. Almost all flatlands with up to an 18-degree incline have been subjected to land reform especially in Central Luzon where land ownership is limited to a maximum of about 4 hectares per name with a 10-year restriction on sale or transfers. 

Does Elsal Ventures own the properties?

ELSAL does not own the properties it is handling. In most cases ELSAL holds a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) over these properties, allowing it to sell, lease, mortgage or joint venture the properties with full and unilateral discretion, as if it were the property owner. The SPA is irrevocable and is divisible and transferable. 

What kind of properties does ELSAL Ventures deal with?

ELSAL is more than willing to look at any transaction whether sale, lease, or a joint venture on any of the properties it has in its inventory. ELSAL only deals with privately owned properties (no government owned properties) and primarily titled properties. 

How does Elsal Ventures source its properties?

ELSAL sources its  properties through its organic land consolidation teams and also works with an extensive network of brokers.

What is the advantage of working with ELSAL Ventures?

The client has minimized risk and does not go through the time-consuming hassle and the nightmare of talking to multiple landowners, which in some cases can mean talking to as many as dozens of landowners for a 100-hectare property, which has resulted from the government’s CARP program. We can also provide cost savings to the client because most landowners will jack up their prices once they learn a developer or a big company is interested. 

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